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Odor Removal

Does your vehicle have an offensive odor? You may have purchased a used car and the prior owner was a smoker. Milk spills can spoil in the heat and leave quit a smell.

Our process does not temporarily mask the smell with the use of chemicals. We eliminate it completely! Our process uses an Ozone producing piece of equipment.  We will first clean the affected area then run our Ozone Blaster that will completely eliminate the odor.

How does it work? Nature cleanses the air with lighting and rain. Lightning bolts produce ozone, as well as positive and negative ions which cleanse the air naturally. Rain helps bring the ozone and ions closer to earth's surface. They are then attracted to atmospheric contaminants that are either removed from the air and attached to grounded objects or are oxidized.

Our Ozone Blaster reproduces the natural conditions found in the outdoors and is also designed to create an artificial environment. Ozone has been shown to remove odors and kill mold mildew, bacteria and viral organisms. It cleanses the air, rather than filtering it, masking the symptoms, or attempting to dilute it.
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